How to choose a sleeping mat?

How to choose a sleeping mat?

On any camping setup, having a sleeping mat is essential. The main purpose of any sleeping mat is to offer you comfort and warmth so you can get an adequate amount of sleep. As a novice camper, you might be wondering how to choose s sleeping bag from a large number of options available in the market. If you want good inspiration about sleeping mats, here’s a guide for you in choosing a good product for your next camping trip.


Why do you need a sleeping mat in the first place?

We expect two main things from any sleeping mat. Comfort and proper insulation. For most of the individuals, comfort is the main expectation. A good sleeping mat must be able to provide adequate cushioning on the uneven ground and help you rest.


Proper insulation is another essential characteristic because if you sleep on the ground, your body heat will conduct away faster. With a sleeping mat that offers insulation, you can preserve your body heat and sleep comfortably at night. This is especially important during winters.


Now, let’s take a look at the most important characteristics associated with the main types of sleeping mats in the market.


  1. Self-inflating maps

Self-inflating maps are manufactured with small pockets that expand automatically. It happens when you open the valve and then air will be pulled in. the form material will trap air within the mat and it will then become your cushioning as well as the insulation. These mats are available in various different sizes and shapes. Also, these mats can be packed easily.


Advantages of self-inflating mats

  • They inflate exceptionally easily.
  • They are exceptionally portable because of their lightweight.
  • Excellent



  • Self-inflating mats usually come with expensive price tags.
  • They don’t provide cushioning as air-filled mattresses.
  • It has a tendency to get punctures.


  1. Air-filled mats

Air-filled mats are excellent in terms of cushioning. Some of the air-filled mattresses come with additional insulation as well to add more protection. They can be packed in an exceptionally compact manner and they have lightweight characteristics. However, it requires some puffing to inflate.

Advantages of self-inflating mats

  • These mats are thicker compared to self-inflating mats so they are ideal even for a side sleeper.
  • Easily packable and ultralightweight



  • Since the air circulation is more, there is less warmth compared to self-inflating ones.
  • Some of the mats are harder to be inflated.


  1. Foam mats

Foam mats are also known to be closed-cell foam mats. In general, these mats can be rolled or folded easily and pack right away.


Advantages of foam mats

  • Lightweight and durable.
  • Comes with affordable price tags.



  • Although they can be folded easily, packing can be problematic.
  • Less comfortable compared to the previous options.


That’s our guide on how to choose a good sleeping mat. You can take a look at a variety of sleeping mats by visiting an online store like Pro Outsiders.

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