Choosing the right kind of sleeping bag

Choosing the right kind of sleeping bag

If you are an outdoor activity enthusiast who engages in activities like camping, hiking, trekking, etc., you must have a good sleeping bag in your inventory. This is particularly true if you intend to spend a night out there in a jungle or a mountain top. In a nutshell, sleeping bags can be called as readymade beds. Setting up a sleeping bag is exceptionally easy. All you need to do is to lay it and that’s it. However, not all sleeping bags are the same. Therefore, there are some important things to consider before purchasing a sleeping bag.


Be sure to consider the climatic conditions of the camping venue as the first step. Get a general idea about how hot or cold the conditions out there. According to the climate, you must choose your sleeping bag. So, if it is very cold out there, just go for a sleeping bag that offers excellent warmth. If it is very hot out there, be sure to choose a sleeping bag that doesn’t overheat your body. In that case, breathable sleeping bags are the best.


The next thing to consider is the material quality of the sleeping bag. The temperature within the sleeping bag depends majorly on the insulation they are associated with. However, a good sleeping bag with quality padding will be able to keep you comfortable regardless of the weather outside. If you prefer extra warmth, choose foam core pads with closed cells. They are ideal for winter mountain campers.


You should also consider the wetness or the dryness of the respective camping venue. If you are planning to camp on a wet venue, avoid the sleeping bags that have down fills. That is because wet conditions can lose insulating ability under wet conditions. Light down sleeping bags are perfect for desert-dry conditions and go for synthetic fills for wet conditions.


The size and shape of the sleeping bag are other important aspects. If you suffer from claustrophobia, mummy type sleeping bags are not the best option for you. In that case, you may opt for a semi-rectangular sleeping bag. In addition to that, mummy bags are pretty strict when it comes to the size factor. It requires you to fit in perfectly. If you have a too large body, we strongly suggest a rectangular or a semi-rectangular sleeping bag.


The last thing you should consider is the portability of the sleeping bag you intend to buy. It can also be described as the compactness when packed. The bag must not be heavier than three pounds as a general recommendation. The lighter the better. Generally, bulky bags come with compression sacks as well. However, those compression sacks can cause damages to the bag especially in the long run. Down bags are the most compressible type of sleeping bag, FYI.


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